An Authentic Home

An Authentic Home

So often people want to focus on the ‘dressing’ of their space but it’s actually the bare bones of your home that will in the long-term give you more pleasure. Don’t sweat over the small things until the big things are in order.

The result will be a beautiful ‘handcrafted home’. I am not talking about knitting your own cushions or crafting your own paintings (although it’s all the rage), I am talking about getting the details right – the basics if you like, when it comes to renovating your home.

Reclaim doors

Use reclaimed doors and door furniture. Avoid ‘hollow doors’.

Use solid wood

Avoid MDF and insist on solid wood for shelving and cupboards. Solid wood wears so much better over time.


Get soundproofing between rooms for privacy and to make the building feel solid.

Open up or build a fireplace

Creating an open fire of place for a wood burner can add character to your home and of course, keep you warm!

Keep original floors

Keep the original floors and renovate. If your boards are damaged use other reclaimed boards to patch them up. They look great and they wear well. Use Softwood lye to get rid of the orange in the boards. Wax or use matt varnish for a hardwearing finish.

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