Big Read: Decorating with books

Big Read: Decorating with books

Books are beautiful things and can really change the look of a room. They say a lot about you, what you are into, the things you love and where you are in your life.

They add colour and texture to rooms that may be lacking in texture or features. They can make a large room seem much cosier and they absorb noise if you need a barrier between you and a noisy neighbour.

Books are timeless and will far outlive your phone or kindle…..

Tips for decorating with books:


  • Take a bookshelf across a whole wall and all the way to the ceiling for maximum impact.
  • Paint a strong colour to bring some interest to an otherwise plain room.
  • Use directional lighting.
  • Add in a chair, a lamp on a side table and some fabulous cushions for ultimate reading comfort.
  • Buy an old ladder to reach the top.
  • Don’t stack your books too neatly. Allow yourself to rediscover each book, every time.
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