Easy Living: Tips For Keeping It Simple

Why make life difficult when it can be so much easier? Home is about relaxing, kicking off your shoes and enjoying life. Too often when designing our interiors we go too far and our homes become ‘over-designed’. Know when to stop. Learn to go with the flow. Buy things that you love and don’t be afraid to try new things out.

Use colours that are easy on the eye that don’t make a bold statement and dominate the room. With easy living it’s the furnishings that matter most. To bring in some subtle colour, choose a patterned chair or a brightly coloured cushion.

Go for easy and simple surfaces that will get a patina over time. Try reclaimed floorboards for the living spaces or tumbled tiles on the kitchen floors. Marble or wood worktops will take on a rustic look in time. Using reclaimed materials for surfaces will give you that instant lived in feel.

Choose fuss free fabrics. Avoid heavy patterns that change a room. Go for more subtle pattern in your furniture or colour in your cushion. Use lighting to your advantage to make a room feel atmospheric. Break up the lighting into floor lamps, wall lights and lamps for a more subtle look. Good storage is essential. Keep all the stuff you don’t want to see in cupboards or stacked on shelves. Good storage makes life easier.

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