Getting Off The Bandwagon

Getting Off The Bandwagon

Home interiors has become a little like the fashion industry. Every ‘season’ there is a new look. But it’s not so easy to update your home each year like it is to update your wardrobe with the latest top or trousers. We love enduring interiors that reflect who you are and how you want to live.

At Eliza Barnes we love interiors that break the rules. We look to liberate interiors from ‘fashion’ to make your own. We embrace imperfection. Very few people live in houses the way you might see them in magazines. We have children and animals and other messy things in our life. We have old pieces of furniture that we can’t bear to part with. We sometimes can’t afford to buy the thing we really need so make do with something in our house that doesn’t really work.

Our homes can be comfortable, inspiring and beautiful at the same times as being a little rough around the ages. ‘Lived in’ as we used to call it.

How to curate your look:

Sort your belongings

Your belongings form a kind of history of your life, but sometimes that can be overwhelming. Decide what is really important. The things that you cannot bear to part with and keep them.

Wait for the right piece for your home

It’s tempting to get something quickly to finish a room or because you really need something for the TV or for books or a desk for the kids. Great pieces sometimes do not cost more than cheap pieces. Hunt something down at an antique market or boot fair. Buy a piece on eBay or Gumtree. Be prepared to wait to find the right thing.

Come to terms with mess and a bit of dirt

Organise the mess. Make sure that everything has a place but don’t imagine you’re going to spend all your time putting things away in cupboards. Have a place for post, a place for newspaper, a place for books, a place for logs or coal etc. Things that you use and need all the times should be at hand.

Develop your own unique style

Try things out. Buy things you love. Keep things that remind you of being happy. Have photographs around, art, books, record collections, big kitchen tables that work for everything from homework to dinner parties to stuffing a chicken. Don’t’ worry if things don’t match or look ‘right’. Don’t worry about the latest trends for black or copper or plants.

Just enjoy what you love and #makehomeunique

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