No Mans Land

No Mans Land

I am glad the weather is changing. I am not one for working in the heat (I once designed an interior in Portugal that was unbearably hot and very sweaty work) I am glad that its cooler outside and that we can close the windows and wear big work boots again. The builders put their T shirts back on (yes!) and return to their glow in the dark fluorescent jackets and array of weird woolly hats . Everything returns to normal. Kids get back into school, young adults start University and we all get back to work… slowly. September should really be the start of the year and then January would not be so January-ish.

For me it’s a start of lots of things. Our new website and a whole load of new products with lots more to come. Really we have only just started.

However, despite all the excitement of the launch of our new website I am currently in the waiting room of house renovations. That place where time literally stops as people have secret meetings in the brutalist corridors of Hove Town Hall. I am waiting on news of planning permission for a new project that was meant to start weeks ago (see renovation stories soon for a monthly update). I am filled with excitement and trepidation at the same time. Waiting for planning is a bit like waiting for important exam results. You know the day is coming, you worry you have not done enough preparation (but its all too late now) and when the letter finally arrives with the news, it will be over in a second. You go over in your head both scenario’s as you receive the news. I’m so impatient to hear right now that I have started dreaming about the new project and planning officials and different kind of entrance door, slightly obsessed I’m afraid.

So, I am in no-mans land. Its too soon to get to the finer details which I love – like what tiles I should buy or what obscure 99p item might work as a door knob (yes I am on a tight budget with this). But this is the time to be thinking about the bare bones of the building and how you want the space to be organised. Think about how you live. Where do you want to sit? What view do you like? What do you do in your house all day? Give yourself thinking time – better now then once the builders have started. Spend as much time as possible in your un-renovated space.

Meanwhile as I wait for the exciting day, I am clearing lots of things out (see the salvage shop). I have five garages crammed full of old stuff that I have collected over the years (did someone say hoarder?). Its all got to go. I will be adding more to the stock each week, but now back to dreaming about entrances…

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