Pharmacie Coffee

Pharmacie Coffee

EB: Tell us about your space and Pharmacie Coffee!

PC: We are an independent micro-roaster producing speciality roasted coffee for wholesale supply, we also moonlight as a coffeehouse and venue.

We begged, borrowed and stole! Well, not the last bit. But the building had previously spent 60 years as a car mechanics so we had to degrease everything and scrape at least 4 shades of magnolia and nicotine yellow off the walls. And you can’t even imagine the toilet! Ethically we like to reuse and recycle, and it suits our budget too! Our 15 kilo Giesen roaster was imported from The Netherlands and is probably one of the only truly new design pieces in the building, without which we would not be a roastery! The ‘Pharmacie’ green is a take on Farrow & Ball’s ‘Arsenic’ and really pulled the interior design together.

The building is old. Not super old, but old enough to have a deep rooted history. From what I know about Cambridge Grove, our side of the street was used in the 1800s to store carriages, whilst the other side was narrower and used to be stables. The sense of working in a space that has always been used for industry is pretty excellent.

EB: Whats your fav thing in the space?

PC: Carola would say the Giesen, as it is strong, practical and beautiful (a bit like her!) I would say the coffee sacks filled with green beans in our back room. It never fails to blow my mind, how far they have travelled, how many humans have been involved in their being here, and how their story is far from over. Once here they are then weighed and roasted, sorted, tasted, bagged, ground, brewed and maybe end up in your cup, or in your garden compost.

You know how people say, ‘Oh it has a good feeling this space’, I have become one of those people. Whether it is the light, the woodburner, the sense of history, the height of the ceiling, the smell of the coffee, the colours we chose, the people we attract, I dunno. It just feels right. People visit us and want to stay. I don’t want to leave work, it must be a good space right?

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