The Seven Deadly Sins of Bathroom Design

The Seven Deadly Sins of Bathroom Design

Planning a bathroom overhaul? Avoid these seven deadly kitchen sins of bathroom design.

Wet rooms are wet

Wetrooms have been all the rage for a while but having a tiled step going into your shower and a shower door keeps you warm and keeps your bathroom dry.

Shower cubicles

Avoid the ugly shower cubicle in the corner. Use walls around your shower and build your shower door into cupboards and shelving to avoid a ‘glass’ box.

Think proportions

Having tiny sinks in big bathrooms or massive sinks in small bathrooms doesn’t really work. If you have a large bathroom fill the space with a double sink or in a small bathroom think cleverly to make a streamlined sink area. If you have the space, fill it with a large cast iron tub. A standard-sized bath is too small for relaxing.

Grim lighting

Avoid the glare of halogens and use wall lights for directional lighting placed either side of mirrors and pendants to break up your bathroom lighting. You may not always want a bright light so use dimmers for those relaxing bath times.

No storage

We need a lot of stuff for the bathroom but we don’t always want to see it or have a bathroom cabinet. Make an inbuilt shelf when you design your shower and tile it. Build shelves or a cupboard to house everything you ever need. Create a shelf and mount your sink onto this. Very useful for products you use a lot.

Spanish villa tiling

Unless you really do splash around in the tub you do not really need to tile your entire bathroom. Of course, the shower needs tiling, but choose a few unusual tiles to go over your sink. It will save you a small fortune.

Don’t save on showers and taps

Go for hotel quality showers and taps and be bold and mix your metals. Choose large shower heads with great water pressure. Look for unusual reclaimed taps or make your own.

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