Six Cheap Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden

Six Cheap Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden

The weather is changing and we are all looking at our neglected and dying gardens and wondering what to do. Remember, everything happens more quickly in the garden – furniture rots, paint fades and fences collapse. Here are a few things that you can do to bring your garden back to life on a budget ready for the summer…

Add some lighting

Gardens look lovely when they’re well-lit at night. Like an extra room outside. But garden lights have to be hardy. Look for interesting reclaimed lights for the garden. Reclaimed ship lights are particularly great for the garden. They are built to last.

Use some exterior paint

You can improve fences, pergolas and even garden furniture by giving it a coat of paint. There are really good paints on the market for exterior wood in a variety of colours. Don’t go crazy but improve the wood areas that have not weathered well.

Bring in another material

Add alternative materials for sprucing things up. Second-hand scaffolding boards work well. They weather fairly quickly to a lovely silvery grey. Use them to make planters or for a fence or wall. They’re very hardy and will give things some texture. You can also use encaustic cement tiles outside for garden paths or garden steps to add a bit of colour.

Change your seating

Garden chairs don’t last long (unless you can be bothered to put them in your shed every night of course). So, buy cheap yet interesting indoor chairs but use them outside. They won’t last forever but you can enjoy for a while. Add a new bench in a different location in the garden. A new view can make all the difference.

Grow vegetables among your plants

I’m not a planting expert but I do like things that grow. You get some lovely leaves when growing vegetables. Plant them amongst your plants and flowers and watch them grow. Much cooler then petunias and you get to eat them as well.

Make an outside room

Adapt your shed into an outdoor room. Add a glazed door and paint. If you’re handy make a greenhouse using old windows or build a makeshift treehouse for the kids. Make an outdoor kitchen or build your own pizza oven.

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