Using Colour

Using Colour

There is something about summer that makes us crave a bit of colour, for many out there colour can be difficult to get right. Here are some tips for the timid amongst us.

Plain walls, colourful furnishings

People make the mistake of using colour on the walls but you can get colour in by reupholstering your sofa, buying a rug, hanging a paining or adding some cushions, its often a lot easier then repainting the whole thing.

Dark windows and doors

Paint your windows, doors, skirtings and any shelving you have in a strong colour. This adds some colour for interest without ending up with a dark and gloomy room.

You can also use encaustic cement tiles outside for garden paths or garden steps to add a bit of colour.

Go the whole hog

Use one colour throughout the room for a dramatic effect. This can work particularly well where the room lacks any real features.

Behind the scenes

If you struggle with too much colour take a small room with very little natural light and paint it a strong colour. Be bold and paint a downstairs cloak rooms, a small en-suite, the inside of a larder, the inside of a cupboard or shelf or your staircase. Then you will get a glimpse of colour without having to live with it all the time.

Use a few tonal colours

Several colours can be used in one room. It can work to make the ceiling lighter or the wall at the end of a corridor. Make sure that they work together – that they are the same tone. Don’t mix colours that are too contrasting. Avoid the accent wall.

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